Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kevin Kiermaier left hanging on curious home run at Tropicana Field (VIDEO)

Kevin Kiermaier was left in a precarious position after climbing the wall during Kendrys Morales' curious home run that bounced off Tropicana Field's catwalk Friday night.

The Rays player has been one of the best defensive outfielders in Major League Baseball this season, but even Kiermaier couldn't anticipate — or figure out — what happened on this play.

After Morales connected in the top of the third inning, Kiermaier ran back and scaled the center-field fence, appearing to get in position to try a home-run-preventing catch. 

But the ball never came. With Kiermaier hanging onto the fence with his hands — and then his right foot — the ball struck a catwalk and dropped to the ground perhaps 20 feet in front of the fence. It was ruled a double at the moment by umpires, but after a huddle they determined it was a home run. 

At least Kiermaier got to stretch out that right hammy.

Al Arbour, who led Islanders to four straight Stanley Cups, dies at 82

New York Islanders fans will be losing more than Nassau Coliseum this season, they will also be without one of the men who helped bring the old arena to prominence.

Al Arbour, the Hall of Fame Islanders coach who combined old-school discipline with out-of-the-box creativity to produce a modern sports dynasty with four straight Stanley Cup titles, died Friday after a long illness. He was 82.

The Islanders confirmed Arbour's passing in a statement Friday.

"Al will always be remembered as one of, if not, the greatest coaches ever to stand behind a bench in the history of the National Hockey League," Islanders president and general manager Garth Snow said. "The New York Islanders franchise has four Stanley Cups to its name, thanks in large part to Al's incredible efforts.

"From his innovative coaching methods, to his humble way of life away from the game, Al is one of the reasons the New York Islanders are a historic franchise. On behalf of the entire organization, we send our deepest condolences to the entire Arbour family."

The cause of death is not known, but Arbour had been suffering from dementia and Parkinson's disease.

And when the Isles hang their banners in the rafters of Barclays Center this fall, they will do so with Arbour's legacy: No team in any major sport has won four straight titles since Arbour's Islanders did it from 1980-83. No other NHL team, before or since, has won 19 consecutive playoff series. No coach did it better.


Futsal player kicks opponent in throat for showboating (VIDEO)

A frustrated Brazilian futsal (five-on-five indoor soccer) player used an opponent's head for a soccer ball after taking exception to a little showboating on the court.

After No. 10 in orange seemed to be dominating play, her angry opponent in black came over and landed a full-on corner kick to her throat.

The Mean Girl's facial was a vicious and dangerous action, but it looked like the shaken No. 10 was okay.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Odell Beckham Jr. becomes new NFL spokesperson for Head & Shoulders (VIDEO)

It looks like Odell Beckham Jr. took that New York Giants' 'Spa Day' a just a little too seriously.

Just a day after coach Tom Coughlin let Giants players choose from an array of body-soothing therapies such as a massage, yoga and placing their legs in compression boots instead of practice, Procter & Gamble released a 70-second YouTube video on Friday to announce Beckham Jr. as the new NFL spokesperson for Head & Shoulders, one of its most recognizable brands.

The second-year NFL player will become the "hair apparent" to replace Troy Polamalu, who retired in April, and shoulder a bulk of the ad time for the dandruff shampoo.

Beckham, along his with two-toned, blonde frohawk, became a sensation in just three months last fall. And besides catching 91 passes, including this well known grab, for 1,305 yards and 12 TDs in 12 games, the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year has landed numerous other endorsement deals.

Just guessing we'll be seeing OBJ's one-handed lather soon.

Sarah Palin defends Curt Schilling, rips ESPN on Facebook

Sarah Palin had some harsh words for ESPN on Thursday night, calling the network "whimpering" and "intolerant" for suspending baseball analyst Curt Schilling for a tweet comparing radical Muslims to Nazis.

In a blistering Facebook post titled "ESPN IS A JOURNALISTIC EMBARRASSMENT," the former governor of Alaska and Republican vice president candidate accused ESPN of buying into terrorist propaganda and advancing "liberal global politics."

Palin's post tore into the sports network. In it she wrote:

"ESPN what happened to you? Your intolerant PC police are running amok and making a joke out of you! By picking and choosing who they'll tolerate and who they'll try to destroy, ESPN has zero credibility as a sound and reasonable media outlet."

Schilling was removed from ESPN’s Little League World Series and Sunday Night Baseball coverage earlier this week after tweeting out a meme that read: "Only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis. How'd that go?"

Palin wasn't done there. She accused ESPN of using her name and reputation to spew "crude, rude bile" and said the network’s on-air talent condoned misogyny and violence against women.

"One ESPN affiliate's on-air rant featuring their misogynist, animalistic "analysts" grunting and giggling through an entire x-rated celebration of violence against women didn't even draw a chirp from ESPN's wussified leaders," Palin wrote. "Look it up; I don't want to have to recount it."

Palin was referring to a September 2011 interview on ESPN radio affiliate KWWM, based out of Las Vegas, in which famed boxer Mike Tyson made crude and offensive remarks about a reported relationship between Palin and former NBA star Glen Rice.

Palin went on to defend Schilling's tweet, saying there was nothing wrong with it except that the numbers were off.

"Reports show it's 88% of Egyptian Muslims favoring DEATH for anyone who leaves Islam," she wrote. “The majority of Muslims in many other places share the sentiment. In America, these views could be correctly described as ‘extreme.’

“The difference between Hitler’s army and the genocidal maniacs of ISIS is that the jihadists don’t have as much power… yet.”

She closed her argument by accusing ESPN of buying into the propaganda of ISIS and other terror organizations because they denied the accuracy of Schilling's tweet and would rather concentrate on liberal global politics instead of sports.

Palin wrote, "Two -- Schilling -- was he wrong? No! In fact his stats were too generous is estimating Muslim's attitudes."

Schilling did delete the tweet and apologized for it.

Jets' Nick Mangold helped police nab car burglary ring: Report

A group of teenage car burglars learned what NFL defensive lineman have known for years — don't mess with Nick Mangold.

The New York Jets All-Pro center heard his car alarm go off on Sunday morning while at his home in Chatham, N.J., and when he went to check it out, he found the vehicle's door was ajar. Mangold then picked up his phone and dialed 911 to report the suspicious activity, according to TMZ.

TMZ detailed the arrest:

"Cops rushed to the 'hood and tracked down 5 suspects, just one mile from Mangold's crib. An 18 and a 19-year-old were arrested, along with 3 juveniles. ... We're told there's been a string of more than 40 car burglaries in the area recently!"

Knowing that the "hood" happens to be an upscale, tree-lined suburb filled with million-dollar "cribs" doesn't take anything away from Mangold's assist in the collar.

Earlier in the week, NJ Advance Media reported that five teens were charged "in connection with more than two dozen car burglaries that were reported over the weekend in one Chatham Borough neighborhood,"

The total amount of property reported stolen was roughly $40 in change and small bills, three wallets, and a tool set valued at $75, police said.

Well done Nick. Now go out and protect your quarterback — starting in the locker room.

Rutgers giving $100,000 to 100 fans in attendance if team returns 1st kickoff for TD

Rutgers is doing everything it can to have students fill High Point Solutions Stadium for the Scarlet Knights’ opener against Norfolk State on Sept. 5. So much so, the school is willing to pay $100,000 to 100 randomly chosen students if RU takes its first kick return of the season into the end zone.

That's $1,000 to each lucky student after they divvy it up.

The Knights' kick returner, Janarion Grant, is always a threat to take it in but it's still a long shot. He returned a kick for a touchdown in 2013, and averaged over 25 yards per return last season.

But, on that first kickoff, you can bet the Junior player will hear more cheers from the entire student section — well, at least 100 of them — than he's ever heard before.

No word on a do-over if the Norfolk kicker boots it out of the end-zone for a touchback.

And you thought sports gambling was dead in New Jersey.