Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cops' guns, badges stolen from locker room while LAPD, San Diego officers play charity football game: Report

An team of thieves made the biggest score of the day after the brazen bunch reportedly robbed the locker room during a Los Angeles Police Department charity football game Saturday afternoon.

The theft of three guns, four badges, jewelry and cash occurred during the first half of the game between LAPD's Los Angeles Centurions and the San Diego Enforcers police team at Bishop Mora Salesian High School's pitch in Boyle Heights, Calif.,  reported KTLA.

It was discovered at half time, at around 5:30 p.m., and caused a 20 minute delay in the players returning to the field.

LAPD Sgt. Gabriel Lara said the items were only taken from the San Diego team's locker room, which showed no signs of forced entry. 

No items were stolen from the LAPD room.

"But it's pretty brazen to break in to a facility during daytime hours with numerous people in the campus," Lara added.

Not to mention a stadium filled with law enforcement personnel.

Former Bills cheerleaders file lawsuit for wages and exploitive 'jiggle tests': Report

Five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders are suing the NFL team in New York Supreme Court for unspecified damages, claiming they weren't paid for their time at games or mandatory public appearances that left them open to groping and sexual comments.

Two members of the Buffalo Jills squad held a news conference Tuesday with their attorney, Frank Dolce, explaining how they were each exploited out of "840 hours of work" and subjected to harassment, such as being told to sit of men's laps and being subjected to a "jiggle test,"  reported WIVB.

The women say they were wrongly classified as independent contractors by Stejon Productions, which manages the Jills and failed to pay them for hundreds of hours of work during 2012 and 2013 season.

"We had always dreamed since we were little girls of becoming Buffalo Jills cheerleaders and unfortunately it was anything but a good experience," said former Jills cheerleader Alyssa U.

"[They made us do] everything from standing in front of us with a clipboard and having us do a jiggle test to see what parts of our body were jiggling and if that was something she saw, then you weren’t performing at all."

The five women claim other degrading behavior included being forced to wear a bikini and then go into a dunk tank, being auctioned off like prizes, and "the Jills were forced to sit on participants" laps because there was not enough seats in the golf carts.

The lawsuit is the third filed this year against a National Football League team by its cheerleaders.

The Oakland Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals also have pending wage battles.

The Buffalo plaintiffs claim that they did not receive compensation for working at Bills games. Instead, they received a $90 game ticket and a parking pass. 

They also claim that no compensation was paid for practice time.

"We were the laughing stock of NFL cheerleaders," Alyssa U said. 

The Bills said they were aware of the lawsuit and would not comment on "pending litigation."

Bolivian soccer crowd spooked by 'ghost' which appears to run through fans during match (VIDEO)

Soccer observers are scratching their heads after a ghostly figure appeared to run through fans during a match in Bolivia last Thursday night.

The unexplained shadow gliding quickly through the stands was captured during a Fox Sports live broadcast of Bolivia's The Strongest versus Defensor Sporting match in Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz.

Who ya gonna call?

Believers noted the creepy figure appears to go unnoticed by fans seemingly seated in its path and it runs straight through a barrier. They added that it moves curiously fast given the cramped seating in the stadium. 

A number of people took to social media where they claimed to identify a second shadow near the northern end of the stadium.

The video has gone viral and already has Internet skeptics sharing their theories on the spooky apparition. 

They were quick to dismiss the apparent "ghost" as a reflection or double exposure of one of the players on the field.

Scary stuff. Venkman, Stantz and Spengler will probably be added to the roster.

Rangers' Carcillo stares down finger-flipping Flyers fan after goal (VIDEO)

Daniel Carcillo skated out of the penalty box and scored a goal giving the Rangers a 4-1 lead over the Flyers they would never relinquish Tuesday. While he celebrated near the glass, surrounded by his New York teammates, one Philadelphia fan congratulated the former-Flyer with double middle finger salute, right in his face.

Carcillo noticed and stared back at the glass-shielded fan until his stubby fingers wore out. And also seemed to have a few less than pleasant words for the Flyers bench while passing them.

Afterwards, Carcillo was asked his thoughts on his once-adoring fans in Philadelphia.

Matt Holliday robs Chris Young of home run with leaping catch (VIDEO)

Cardinals left fielder Matt Holliday robs the Mets' Chris Young of a home run with a perfectly timed leaping grab Tuesday night at Citi Field.

The 5th-inning catch helped the Cards go on to a 3-0 victory.

This is probably one Holiday that Young would rather not celebrate.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cop caught tripping high school students storming soccer field (VIDEO)

A Texas policeman — who was once named "Police Officer of the Year" — has been placed on leave after being caught on video tripping and pushing high school students at a soccer match last weekend. 

Fans of the Vandegrift High School girls soccer team stormed the field after the team won the state championship Saturday at Georgetown's Birkelback Stadium. 

But a few of the happy fans hit the ground when tripped by Georgetown Police Officer George Bermudez, reported KVUE-TV

Video captured of the victory shows Bermudez trip one man, try to trip a high school girl and push yet another celebrant as about two dozen fans rushed onto the field.

Since the video was uploaded Sunday, the officer has been placed on leave.

While a league official said it has no policy against rushing the field, it issues warnings over the intercom to protect the stadium attendants. 

Georgetown Police Chief Wayne Nero released a statement Monday afternoon calling Officer Bermudez's reaction inappropriate.

Giants' Will Hill fails another drug test, could be facing lengthy suspension: Report

Will Hill, the troubled New York Giants safety who has received drug-related suspensions each of the past two seasons, has apparently failed another test. 

According to a person familiar with the situation — who requested anonymity in order to speak freely on the matter — the team has been informed of the incident, according to

It is unclear if Hill failed for performance enhancing drugs like he did in 2012 (Adderall), or if he failed for drugs like he did in 2013. Hill has been candid about his use of marijuana and its calming effects on his mind.

Either way, Hill could be facing a more significant suspension. He will appeal.

Hill was arrested toward the end of the 2013 season for being delinquent on his child support payments. When police pulled over a car he was riding in, they detected an odor of marijuana and found cigar shavings all over the vehicle, "suggesting that marijuana was prepared and smoked in the vehicle."

It was the latest in a long line of missteps for Hill, quite possibly the Giants' most athletically gifted defensive player, but also one of their most troubled.

Hill, a former New Jersey high school standout, started nine games for the Giants last season, registering 60 tackles and two interceptions.

Luckily for the Giants, the team currently has an abundance of safeties after re-signing Stevie Brown to a one-year deal. Newly acquired Quintin Demps, Antrel Rolle and Cooper Taylor and Brown will all compete for the starting spots if Hill is suspended.