Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Muhammad Ali hopes Manny Pacquiao beats Floyd Mayweather: Report

Muhammad Ali has finally weighed in the upcoming Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight and The Greatest wants the Filipino boxer to triumph over his American opponent in their long awaited bout on May 2.

Ali's daughter, Rasheda Ali, revealed that her father respects Pacquiao's abilities inside the ropes — but also admires how he handles himself away from the ring.

"My dad is team Pacquiao all the way," she told TMZ. "My dad really likes Manny, he's a huge fan of his.
"He knows Manny's a great fighter but it's more about what he does outside the ring. He's such a charitable person."

Rasheda added that her father acknowledges Mayweather's own boxing capabilities but admitted he wasn't all in on the flamboyant fighter's lifestyle.

"My dad stood for things. Mayweather... I don't think there's a comparison," she said, before revealing that Ali will not be in attendance for the fight in Las Vegas on May 2 but will watch it on television.

"There's no question he's going to order it," Rasheda said. "It takes my dad way back to when he was fighting."

With the bout a little over a month away, Pacquiao has kept supporters updated with his progress ahead of the showdown.

Pacquiao posted pictures on Instagram of him training and showed his sense of humor by also uploading a video of him running up a long line of steps, reenacting the famous scene from the film Rocky.

Packers' Davante Adams challenges Odell Beckham Jr. to 1-on-1 hoops game

Davante Adams saw Odell Beckham showcase his dunking ability on Instagram a while back and says he would love to get a chance to go one-on-one with Giants' phenom on the court.

The Green Bay Packers receiver was only slightly impressed and told Yahoo Sports Radio's Ken Thomson about his own dunk video that had the Internet buzzing:

"I know Odell pretty well but it was just out of — I saw [Beckham and 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick] put their little dunk videos up too, so I was like, okay, let me make one. It was late — like 11 o'clock at night one time — and I just went to go to the court just to get a little run in, and you know, said, 'I'll show them that I'm just a little bit athletic.'"

Here's Adams backing up his bravado via Instagram:

Adams was then asked if he could take Beckham one-on-one. His reply: "Real basketball? Oh yeah! Tell him to come down to Cali." Thomson suggested the Las Vegas strip as a location and Adams said he'd "love for that to happen."

Maybe around May 2 when that other grudge match between Manny and Floyd is on. There should be more than a few fans in town that weekend.

And here's the Beckham jam that keeps giving and getting — that's getting as in challenges.

Shaquille O'Neal takes shot at Lakers and Clippers during Justin Bieber Roast (VIDEO)

Shaquille O'Neal was a special guest for Comedy Central's Roast of Justin Bieber on Monday, and the Biebs wasn't the only one getting burnt by the former NBA star.

The former four-time NBA champion took at a shot at his old team, the Los Angeles Lakers, reminding them just how lame their starting lineup has been recently.

And Shaq didn't let Chris Paul, who was attending the roast, or his Los Angeles Clippers off the hook either. The big guy plainly told the All-Star point guard, "You guys suck."

Miami (Ohio) player lays out to make incredible empty net save (VIDEO)

With his Miami (Ohio) team trailing 6-5 and the goalie pulled, defenseman Louie Belpedio puts his body on the line to make an incredible save and keep his team's hopes NCAA Tournament hopes alive against Providence.

The injured Belpedio crawled back to the bench after being injured during his desperate one-handed stick save when the puck hit the post and he violently crashed into the wall behind the net.

The freshman Belpedio, who is a Minnesota Wild draft pick, was unable to keep Providence from going on to a 7-5 victory though.

Effort! Effort! Effort!

Monday, March 30, 2015

World Series or nothing for Yankees, says Joe Girardi

Opening day is only a week away and, even with all of the questions surrounding the New York Yankees, manager Joe Girardi won't call this season a success unless the Yankees win the World Series.

Not such a particullarly bold statement for most MLB managers days before the season's first pitch but, when your hopes hinge on an injury-prone rotation, a bunch of new faces and a pariah for DH, it's a tall order in the Bronx.

And it is the Yankees after all.

"That's why we come to camp, that's why we train, it's why we do everything," Girardi said before Sunday's 7-0 victory over the Astros. "It's the World Series. That's our goal . . . To me, it's all or nothing. That's why you play."

With most experts picking the Yankees to finish with about 81 wins, with a healthy rotation and a couple of new players coming up big, the Bombers could snap its two-year playoff drought.

"I think guys understand the expectations here," Girardi said. "Even the guys who haven't been here understand the expectations and feel we have something to prove."

Tom Brady jumping off cliff not for faint-hearted or Patriots fans (VIDEO)

Chances are if there was a video of a New England Patriots player jumping off a rocky cliff into a small pool of water while on vacation it would be Rob Gronkowski, right?

Well Tom Brady, known mostly for sacrificing his body on the football field, is actually the one who took the death-defying leap and it seems Patriots fans weren't too thrilled about it.

This weekend as Brady posted a video on his Facebook page showing himself at the top of the rocky cliff first contemplating the plunge before someone (presumably wife Gisele) asks him, "Are you going to jump, Tom?"

The quarterback seems hesitant at first before taking the leap of faith with Pats fans' dreams of repeat Super Bowl hopes with him.

Here's the full video of Air Brady complete with the stirring Star Wars theme song:

Pretty awesome. But Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick would probably like to see Brady stick to less daring pursuits like getting buried in the sand.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Who gets Derek Jeter's locker remains a question with Yankees

A lot of questions face the New York Yankees as they head into the final week of spring training but one lingering quandary stands now out: Who's getting Derek Jeter's locker?

It's decision that will have to be made sometime within the next few days, before the team's Opening Day game against the Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium April 6, clubhouse manger Lou Cucuzza Jr. said.

The locker is significant because it was the space the recently retired Jeter occupied since the stadium opened in 2009. It's also prime real estate, positioned in the back of the clubhouse, near the entrance to the players' only section.

And unless Jeets heads to that stadium in the sky, it remains an available cubicle.

Cucuzza said he approached home-grown Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner more than a week ago about possibly taking over the spot, but Gardner hadn't made a decision yet.

Alex Rodriguez joined the Yankees in 2004, but he was suspended for all of 2014 for using performance-enhancing drugs. That interruption makes Gardner the longest consecutively tenured Yankee. 

Yeah ... and it's A-Rod.

Gardner made his big league debut in pinstripes in 2008.

"We'll figure out it out," Cucuzza said. "We've still got time."

Didi Gregarious, who will replace The Captain at shortstop this season, is too much a newcomer. And trying to fill Jeter's shoes on the field and then drop your sweat socks in the Yankee icon's locker might just be a little too much to handle.