Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jan Gunnar Solli gets yellow card for attempting classic playground trick (Video)

Apparently bored by a five goal lead against Degerfors in a Swedish Superettan game the other night, Hammarby midfielder Jan Gunnar Solli picked up one of the weirdest yellow cards fans have seen in a long time when, in an attempt to get past a Degerfors defender, Solli quickly stuffed the ball up inside his shirt and tried to slip on by defenders.

The classic hidden ball trick used by playground pranksters all over the world didn't go over so well with the referees and the Norwegian was hit with a caution for obstruction.

In the end, there was no hiding the fact how bad Degerfors was — they lost 5-0.

Chris Paul's sweet moves leave Evan Fournier in a spin (VIDEO)

Clippers guard Chris Paul keeps doing things which are clearly don't seem humanly possible. Check out the sweet moves he put on the Nuggets' Evan Fournier Tuesday night.

Just a walk in the park for Paul.

Clippers win, 117-105.

Lance Armstrong surfaces in 'How-to-fix-flat' tutorial (VIDEO)

If you were wondering what embattled cyclist Lance Armstrong has been up to, the answer seems to be making how-to videos on changing bike tires.

Armstrong — who has largely been out of the spotlight since confessing to using performance-enhancing drugs in a interview with Oprah Winfrey more than a year ago — appears in this homespun handyman tutorial on

Accompanied by the gentle strumming of a folksy banjo, the website's video introduces the disgraced cyclist with: "Cycling’s most famous pariah has been looking for work lately. We caught up with him at his latest bike-shop gig to hear a few pointers about what to do when you break down."

The 42-year-old Armstrong — sporting an apron and biking cap — starts out the video with a genial introduction, "Hi. I'm Lance Armstrong, seven-time winner of the Tour de France," But when that title appears on the screen, a big asterisk flashes up, noting that Armstrong was stripped of the seven titles for doping. Armstrong just shrugs and continues, "Hey, I didn't write the script."

And with that, we get to see a once-respected-champion-turned-outcast hold class on the simple task of changing a tire and a sad attempt at humor to get the public to forgive him.

You could also call it a how-to-fix-an-image video as well.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mysterious man in a black veil with backpack forces evacuation of Boston Marathon finish line (VIDEO)

A mysterious looking man wearing a black dress with a large black back pack under a black veil prompted Boston police to evacuate the area near the Boston Marathon finish line after he barged toward the area with the suspicious package Tuesday night at about 7:00 p.m.

The surreal scene began when a single man — whom Boston police said appeared to be "not of sound mind" — ran toward the area where the tragic bombing took place one year ago and repeatedly screamed “Boston Strong” before being tackled by police.

The man was also wearing a cape around the backpack, a witness said.

Police told pedestrians to evacuate while they brought in a bomb squad to inspect the bag.

The Boston Police Department said around 8:15 p.m. that they had a male suspect in custody in connection to the incident.

Police Superintendent Randall Halstead said the man had a rice cooker in his backpack and is being charged with possession of a hoax device. He also faces charges faces charges of disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct.

The backpack was blown up by the bomb squad as a precaution and a second unattended backpack found at the scene was a misplaced photographer's bag.

Hours earlier a memorial to those victims of the 2013 attack took place at the race finish.

The 2014 marathon takes place next Monday.

Taunting Phillies fans reaction to Braves' game-winning grand slam is priceless (VIDEO)

The Philadelphia Phillies were on the verge celebrating a win against Atlanta on Monday night when one group of Phillies fans got a serious lesson in humility after the Braves won with what turned out to be a game winning, ninth-inning grand slam.

The Phillies were up by one in the ninth inning at Citizens Bank Park when Braves slugger Dan Uggla came up to bat.

The loud-mouthed Phillies fans did what they do best and taunted Uggla — who had already hit one home run that game. 

But that festive mood in the stands changed after Uggla drove a pitch from Jake Diekman deep into the seats in left field for the grand salami.

The slow-mo replay video of the Phillies fans clearly shows them go from unbridled glee to soul-sucking depression with one swing of the bat.

And fans from Flushing to South Beach rejoiced.

ECHL hockey fans litter the ice with underwear after goal (Video)

Fans of the Bakersfield Condors would probably give the ECHL team the shirts off their backs for a win but, when it comes to winning hearts for charity, they offer up even more.

During the 'Undie Sunday' game against the Las Vegas Wranglers, the home fans littered the ice with over 6,000 pieces of underwear and socks after Joel Broda scored a goal with 1:02 left in regulation.

The Condors were going by “Teddy Bear Toss” rules, meaning that a goal needed to be scored before the fans tossed their unmentionables (and socks) from the stands. So that late score must have had fans hanging on to their knickers in anticipation.

But before you start thinking skid marks, shriveled waistbands and toe holes — the underwear and socks tossed on the ice were new and still in their packages — and nobody dropped trou.  At least we hope so.

From the Condors organization, a roundup of the clothing picked up:

Undie Sunday brought a rain of underwear, socks, bras, diapers and socks down onto the ice. Nearly 6,000 clothing items were collected, including 1,096 pairs of socks, 2,773 pair of underwear, 1,747 diapers and 55 bras, among other items. The items will be donated to the Mission at Kern County and the Kern County Network for Children.

Good stuff.

Joakim Noah can't believe It's still snowing in Chicago (VIDEO)

Nobody is more excited for spring and the NBA playoffs than Chicago Bulls center Joakim least until he hears from reporters that it's snowing again in Chicago.

Watch as Noah — talking to the press from the sunny climes of Florida — finds out that the Windy City is under another cold spell and the white stuff is falling:

Bet he yearns for those days back in Gainesville.