Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Michael Strahan to make cameo in 'Magic Mike' sequel: Report

If you still don't get enough of Michael Strahan's gap-toothed grin all over the television screen these days, get ready to see even more of the former New York Giants legend on the big screen — maybe a little too much.

The ubiquitous talk show host will now be taking his NFL sack dance to Hollywood where he'll be making a cameo as a male stripper in the "Magic Mike" sequel.

The "Live with Kelly and Michael" co-host announced on the air that he'll make an appearance in the male stripper tale after star Channing Tatum hounded him to have a cameo in "Magic Mike XXL."

The video below has some of the moments with the actor in which Strahan showed off his moves leading up to his new gig.

TMZ  reported Strahan will at least be topless, but there will be no full frontal for him.

At least Kelly Ripa — like any time Strahan talks about taking something off — seems overly titillated.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Steelers fan wears jersey with mixed messages about 'your mom' (PHOTO)

This photo of a Steelers fan wearing a jersey with a few slightly mixed messages was posted Monday on Reddit with the caption: "I bet he gets all the ladies."

And it's hard to figure where this guy's sentiments are.

The No. 69 with "YOURMOM" across the back seems so wrong until you notice the little Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon tacked to the back of the collar — which sort of renews your faith in the guy.

Still not sure.

It's difficult to know what this dude is trying to say but, keep your mother away just the same.

Suzyn Waldman gives Jeter a kiss after his final game (VIDEO)

Suzyn Waldman finally got to do what a lot of women — and a fair share of male Yankees fans — have wanted to for the past 20 years — plant a big smooch on the side of Derek Jeter's face.

The longtime Yankees broadcaster said her on-field goodbye to The Captain after the Yankees shortstop's final game against the Red Sox on Sunday with a special farewell kiss.

After he did an interview on YES, cameras caught a melancholy Jeter getting a hug and a peck-on-the-cheek from Waldman.

You can see it starting around the 1:30 mark:

Don't know if that constitutes getting one of Jeter's infamous swag bags, but I'm sure Waldman is just happy with a more personal goodbye.

Hunter Pence's postgame speech rallies Giants fans (VIDEO)

If you don't believe the San Francisco Giants team has what it takes to get to the World Series well ... then you have no faith in Hunter Pence.

The Voice of the Giants addressed the home crowd after the final game of the regular season at AT&T Park, rallying them for the playoffs. And did it in his own inimitable style.

Pence led the crowd in the “Yes!” cheer that became so popular earlier this year when Pence and his teammates were hitting home runs with some regularity.

Although his energetic pep talk started slow and awkward, it did build up to an inspiring crescendo:

The Giants may be seeing a lot of "No" when they head into their NL Wild Card Series with the Pittsburgh Pirates — especially on the road.

Pence's team will be facing the proverbial "hot team that nobody wants to face." The Pirates won 17 of their final 23 games to slide past the Giants for the top wild-card spot.

Monster truck plows into crowd, killing three and injuring at least 15 (VIDEO)

At least three people were killed during a monster truck event in the Netherlands on Sunday when a driver lost control of his vehicle and plowed into a crowd of people.

The monster truck — fitted with tractor-sized wheels — had just completed a popular stunt where it is driven over several parked cars when it veered left, running over dozens of spectators who were standing behind temporary crowd barriers.

Local media had quoted Hans Gerritsen, the mayor of Haaksbergen, as saying that three people had died. Local police could not immediately be reached to confirm the number of dead. Ambulances and emergency services were quickly on the scene, including a trauma helicopter from Germany.

(WARNING: Video may be disturbing to some viewers)

One of the event organizers told local news he believes the problem could have stemmed from one of two things — either the gas pedal got stuck or the brakes failed. 

The driver is reportedly being questioned by police.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Phillies fans behind home plate mock Craig Kimbrel (VIDEO)

The Phillies and Braves have already been eliminated from postseason play, but Philadelphia fans weren't going to let their rival's closer, Craig Kimbrel, leave town without a funny sendoff Saturday night.

With the Phillies trailing 4-2 in the bottom of the ninth inning, the Braves sent in Kimbrel and that's when the Citizens Bank Park fans started mocking the hard throwing right-hander.

Kimbrel, who has a very exaggerated arm motion from before his wind up all the way to after he delivers the pitch, was mimicked by the fans sitting behind home plate. The playful fans' antics started small but, as the inning wore on more fans around the stadium got into the act.

Kimbrel had the last laugh though, and nailed the save.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ball boy's switcheroo of Jeter foul ball could be worth $10K (GIF)

A New York Yankees ball boy may soon find himself a little richer after he pocketed a foul ball hit by Derek Jeter during The Captain's final home game at Yankee Stadium.

After cleanly fielding the grounder, the young man held it in his glove, and then reached into his back pocket pulling out another ball and handing it off to a fan in the stands.

It is uncertain if he pulled the switcheroo to keep the prized ball for himself, or if the Yankees asked employees to hold on to the balls for the sake of keeping any last night memorabilia in the House That Ruth Jeter Built.

Some are saying the ball could fetch as much as $10,000 and the sketchy move might have even increased the value of the ball.

The enterprising ball boy had clearly planned ahead. As soon as he cleanly fielded Jeter's shot, he reached into a back pocket and pulled out a different ball, which he handed off to an unsuspecting fan.

While the ball boy or girl is expected to toss all foul balls into the crowd for the fans, there is apparently no official rule that says they cannot keep the ball.