Friday, October 24, 2014

Texas mayor postpones Halloween for Friday night football game: Report

When Halloween falls on a Friday in a town where high school football is king, there's only one thing to do — reschedule the holiday.

Facing an upcoming Friday night dilemma, one Texas mayor called an audible by postponing the trick-or-treating and moving it to the next day so it wouldn't interfere with the big game, reported KETK-TV.

Van mayor Dean Stone made the Halloween call partly because of how well the undefeated Van Vandals have been playing.

And in Texas, crossbars beat Hershey bars.

Stone claims it gives fans a chance to attend the road game against Wills Point, and still enjoy Halloween the following night.

But there are some in the community who think it will just cause unneeded confusion, and don't want their family plans altered because of a football game.

"I thought about it, I had several calls over the last weekend and I came in and talked to the city manager and I made the decision to change it to the Saturday night due to the fact there'll be a tremendous amount of people out of town Friday night," said Stone.

Originally, they had decided to keep trick-or-treating on its designated night, but after the 7-0 start for the team, mayor Stone reevaluated the original call.

"This is one of the most family oriented towns probably around, you know, and yeah we like football but when you're winning you really like it. I think sometimes changes are necessary and it won't leave our town quite so vacant," said Stone.

But city hall has received calls from people in town who disagree with moving the holiday.

"Even it they're not winning a lot, people go to these football games because it's their children.  It's all about a family operation."

The Van Independent School District had nothing to do with the decision, said Stone. This was his call.

Another high school cancels football season amid sexual hazing and 'waterboarding' allegations: Report

A second high school has cancelled its football season after freshman players were allegedly forced to sexually assault each other in humiliating hazing rites, according to officials from the Pennsylvania school district.

The final two football games at Central Bucks High School West near Philadelphia, were cancelled after it emerged that players allegedly engaged in pre-season hazing rituals such "waterboarding"at the school. The allegations were first reported on Oct. 14.

Superintendent David Weitzel said rookies were required to grab another player's genitals while fully clothed, an initiation that was carried out in front of most team members.

This comes just weeks after criminal charges were lodged against seven players at Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey, over allegations of sexual hazings. Five coaches were also suspended.

In a letter to the school district, Weitzel said: "Our inquiry determined that students new to the team were expected to participate in several initiations that were both humiliating and inappropriate.

"I want to be clear that these activities did not result in physical harm, but were not harmless."

James Donnelly, chief of the Central Bucks Regional Police Department, said he had been notified about allegations of "waterboarding" at the school.

Principal Jason Bucher alerted police that young players had been placed under the shower with towels over their heads, but Donnelly said it was not the waterboarding torture as he understood it.

"The letter was pretty damning and contains some pretty scary information," said Donnelly.

"We don't know if it was just kids horsing around or if it was more serious, but we're going to investigate."

All varsity and junior varsity coaches at Central Bucks have been suspended pending further investigation, said Superintendent Weitzel.

Police said they would investigate whether any of the activity was criminal and whether staff failed to properly supervise team activities. 

For years the school had one of the most successful football programs in the country, including a run of four state titles in the 1990s, when it regularly appeared in national Top 10 rankings.

Its alumni include Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine Jr. and two of his assistants at the one-time football power.

Peyton Manning calls out Mile High scoreboard operator for noise (VIDEO)

If Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning seemed a little irked at Broncos fans for making too much noise late in the fourth quarter during Thursday night's win over the Chargers, you weren't alone.

Manning kept shaking his head and signaling the crowd to quiet down while it took the fans a little too long in bringing the noise level down:

Manning was still not happy after the game but, as it turned out, it wasn't really the fans Manning had an issue with, it was the scoreboard operator he wanted to take to task.

After the game, Manning addressed the problem of crowd noise by calling out the man in the booth at his post-game presser:

"I have no problem with our fans. Our fans are great. I've got a problem with our scoreboard operator," Manning said. "I'm gonna have a little talk with him. I'm not sure what he's doing.

"He was playing music, showing people -- showing players dancing, getting the crowd fired up while we had the ball. I don't think we should be doing that. I don't think we should be showing their quarterback on the sideline. I thought that was kind of disrespectful. Our fans are great, our fans are loud, so the scoreboard operators ... it wasn't his best night."


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Real Madrid U19 star fires worst penalty kick ever (VIDEO)

When it comes to penalty kicks, even David Beckham has shanked a few but Real Madrid U19 star Borja Mayoral couldn't even bend it towards the goalkeeper with this epic miss against Liverpool in the UEFA Youth League on Wednesday. 

Instead, Mayoral's freebie flew high, wide and looked more like an extra-point attempt — thus becoming one of the worst penalties of all time. 

It also didn't help that Liverpool went on to win the match at St Helens, 3-2.

World Boxing Council shortens women’s bouts because of periods: Report

The World Boxing Council, one of the four major organizations which sanctions championship boxing matches, has decided to shorten women's professional bouts ... because of periods.

In a statement published on its website, the Mexico City-based non-profit said its first World Female Convention unanimously decided to shorten championship bouts from 12 rounds to just 10 after several detailed medical studies claimed a woman's menstrual cycle has tremendous impact on the female body.

At the same time the WBC decided individual rounds should last no longer than two minutes, as opposed to the three-minute rounds of men's competition because women are more prone to suffering concussions than men.

Menstruation was given as one of four key reasons why women's boxing matches should not last as long as men's, a list based on "several facts ... reported during the convention which are of total concern."

The change from three-minute rounds to two-minute rounds brings the professional women's game in line with amateur boxing, including Olympic boxing, where both men and women fight shorter rounds.

The WBC said that any promoter staging 12-round fights for women ran the risk of fighters suffering "severe injuries" and that it would refuse to sanction any women's fight lasting more than 10 rounds.

"Several facts were reported during the convention which are of total concern regarding any changes of the 10 x 2 female boxing matches," the statement said.

"A female fighter used to fight 10 x 2 which is 20 minutes, would need tremendous effort to adjust to 12 x 3 which is 36 minutes."

The WBC said the decision is not discrimination but based upon "established medical and safety facts."

'Reporter' Rex Ryan pranks Sammy Watkins with question on conference call (AUDIO)

Rex Ryan continues to show he isn't above having a little fun even while his 1-6 Jets team sings the blues. Ryan, who has already played "reporter" as a gag a couple of times, turned the tables once again.

On Wednesday, with a little help from the New York media, Ryan duped an unwitting Sammy Watkins of the Bills with his Clark Kent routine during a conference call.

Watkins, the Bills' outstanding rookie receiver who will be facing the Jets Sunday, was doing the phone interview with Jets reporters just as Ryan came walking past the room where the call took place. Ryan was en route to his daily press conference.

A reporter motioned to Ryan that Watkins was on the call. Ryan, whose son, Seth, was a teammate of the NFL's No. 4 overall pick at Clemson University last year, gladly entered the room to begin the ruse.

"Sammy, I got a question," Ryan began. "How did you help Seth Ryan out? How'd he do out there? And if you could really help him, you wouldn't play this game. This sounds like Rex Ryan—I know it does—but this is a reporter."

There was a pause.

"How you doing, Sammy? You all right?" Ryan asked.

Suddenly there was stifled laughter from the reporters.

"Hey, how you doing?" a confused Watkins responded.

And that's how the interview ended.

You can hear Ryan "interviewing" Watkins below. Ryan jumps in at the 5:03 mark.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

‪Mo’ne Davis' Chevrolet‬ commercial won't affect amateur status (VIDEO)

Mo'ne Davis made her paid television commercial debut during Game 1 of the World Series Tuesday night but, according to an ESPNW Report, the corporate promotion will not impact her amateur status.

The 13-year-old Davis — who became a media darling at the 2014 Little League World Series  — was able to skirt the rules and make the Spike Lee-directed commercial, titled 'Throw Like a Girl,' without any NCAA repercussions because she is still in eighth grade. Once she goes into ninth grade, according to the NCAA rulebook, she would be subject to NCAA amateur rules.

In January, the NCAA Division I membership provided more flexibility on eligibility standards.

"Mo'ne Davis may be paid for appearing in the Chevy commercial without impacting her NCAA eligibility," NCAA spokeswoman Emily James said in a statement.

"The NCAA staff's decision was made within this process and based on a combination of considerations," James said in the statement. "This waiver narrowly extends the rules — which allow Davis to accept the payment and still be eligible in any other sport — to include baseball. The NCAA staff also considered the historically limited opportunities for women to participate in professional baseball. In addition, Davis is much younger than when the vast majority of the prospect rules apply. While this situation is unusual, the flexible approach utilized in this decision is not."

All of Davis’ money will go into a trust fund, said Lee on the Mike Francesa Show. Davis had to capitalize on her instant fame before the NCAA amateur rules affected her status, he added.

Davis, also a standout soccer and basketball player, even received a call from Connecticut women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma, congratulating her on her success, which turned out to be a minor violation for the Huskies.

Somewhere, a frustrated Todd Gurley is ripping up a lot of autographed Georgia Bulldogs jerseys.