Sunday, October 4, 2015

ABC cuts to ESPN anchors on iPads during Dabo Swinney interview after Clemson beat Notre Dame (VIDEO)

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney was mixed up in a wild scene during postgame interview after his No. 12 Clemson held on in the pouring rain to beat No. 6 Notre Dame, 24-22 Saturday night.

Boasting about his team and dropping tidbits such as “BYOG,” which Swinney said stood for “bring your own guts,” the coach's passionate interview was cut short when the studio suddenly cut to the SportsCenter studio which awkwardly showed its two anchors quietly scrolling through their iPads as they prepared for the upcoming show — unaware they were live on air.

Here's the hilarious moment on video when viewers' television screens went from wet madness to library quiet in an instant:

All that was missing was the Jeopardy theme song.

But conspiracy theorists claim the jump wasn't so accidental and maybe Swinney's language got a little too salty for network TV or, mercy, he mentioned God.

Deadspin uncovered the missing footage and it was nothing more than Swinney simply answering a question about what he told his team at a specific point in the game.

ESPN senior director of PR, Kerri Potts, later clarified the technical difficulty in a tweet. 

"As a result of an error in TV transmission, we inadvertently missed 12 seconds of Dabo Swinney's postgame interview," Potts tweeted.  "We apologize."

Gators ‘coach’ Emmitt Smith wants an explanation about call from ref (VIDEO)

Former Gators star Emmitt Smith was back in The Swamp Saturday night with a sideline pass for the Florida-Mississippi game.

And the Gators legend took his current position on the team up just a notch.

Florida was ahead 25-3 in the third quarter when wide receiver Chris Thompson was called for kick catching interference on the Rebels’ Carlos Davis. A TV camera caught Smith right at the edge of the field wondering, “What’s that?!”

Here is video of the sequence, via ESPN:

Saturday, October 3, 2015

N.J. priest arrested for pointing musket at 8-year-old boy because he was rooting for Cowboys over Giants

A New York Giants loving New Jersey priest was arrested Friday for allegedly pointing a musket at an 8-year-old boy who committed the cardinal sin of cheering for the Dallas Cowboys.

And by musket, I mean a Civil War-era type rifle for all of you who saw priest and boy in the same headline.

Father Kevin Carter, a devout Big Blue fan, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated assault by pointing a firearm after allegedly threatening to shoot the child for rooting for the Giants' division-rivals, authorities said.

The 54-year-old pastor, assigned to St. Margaret of Cortona Roman Catholic Church in Little Ferry, N.J., was being held on $15,000 bail, reported the New York Daily News.

Carter allegedly approached the boy as he and his family arrived for Mass services at the church on Sunday, Sept. 13, hours before the Giants and Cowboys faced off in their first game of the season, and asked to see him in one of the rectory rooms.

Prosecutors said several witnesses watched in horror as the priest stood against the wall and allegedly pointed the antique musket at his head.

“As he raised his weapon and pointed it at the boy, he said, ‘I’m going to shoot you,’” Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli said. “The young boy was apparently a fan of a particular football team, the priest was not. So perhaps we have indication it started out as that.

“There’s no such thing as joking around with a weapon when you’re dealing with an 8-year-old kid,” Molinelli added.

The Archdiocese did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Giants ended up suffering a gut-wrenching 27-26 loss to the Cowboys opening week. Even the nuns had their rulers out for Eli Manning after that game.

Women’s softball coach had porn star give team ‘life counseling’ session: Report

The coach of an upstate New York women’s softball team tried to influence his players into becoming porn stars by offering to help them get jobs in the adult entertainment industry — and even invited a well-known skin-flick actress ­Allie Haze to a practice so she could give the Nyack College team “life counseling sessions,’’ a sensational lawsuit states.

Papers filed in White Plains Federal Court, "K. Doe" against Kurt Ludwigsen cite "outrageous conduct" at Nyack College including "routinely licking his players' ears, kissing their lips and faces, slapping their buttocks, grabbing their breasts, directing them to sit on his lap, lying on top of them," offering to "assist players to attain employment in the adult entertainment industry," and inviting porn star "Alli Haze to practice and directing students to life counseling sessions with her."

The suit says the school, which calls itself "New York's Christian College," never should have hired Ludwigsen in the first place. He "was certainly not a 'typical Christian coach,'" the suit says.

Nevertheless, the school hired him in September, and he quickly went to work on intimidating his players, the suit says — telling them he could "make [their] lives a living hell" if they upset him.

"He further threatened that he knew people who could ruin their lives, beyond Nyack College, if the displeased him in any way," the suit says.

Publicly available information showed the pervy coach been the subject of a "criminal investigation for sexual assault and sexual harassment" while coaching another college team in California.

And while coaching that team, Ludwigsen, using the alias "Kurt Vogner," was also promoting "a paid telephone service that linked pornography actresses (including Bree Olson, with whom he was photographed) to the 'fans,'" the suit says.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Ole Miss will chow down on alligator meat before playing Florida

Any good ol' boy worth his vittles can tell you how delicious alligator meat is, But, boy howdy, this is one Cajun delight that's gonna taste even sweeter for the Mississippi football team.

Ole Miss' head strength and conditioning coach, Paul Jackson, posted a picture on Friday of what the players will be eating before taking on Florida Saturday night in Gainesville.

Yessir. That's gator... as in Florida Gators.

Hopefully Florida doesn't get the same idea with any Rebels Friday night.  Nah. That would be cannibalism.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio whiffs on congratulatory Yankees tweet

According to most New York surveys these days, Bill de Blasio has muffed up a lot of things during his term as mayor.

But when ol' Bill can’t even get a congratulatory tweet to the Yankees right — it's de blasphemy.

After the Yankees clinched the first American League wild card spot Thursday night with a 4-1 win over the rival Red Sox — also the 10,000th win in the franchise’s history — the mayor’s official account tweeted this message:

“It's been 15 years but New York again is Baseballtown, USA. Fingers crossed for a Subway Series. Congrats, @Yankees.”

And while hizowner's efforts were probably heartfelt, he should know that it has been 15 years since the 2000 Subway World Series between the Mets and Yankees, but it was 2006 when both teams last made the playoffs together.

And the last time I checked no New Yorker ever called the city “Baseballtown, USA.”  

That's what we get for electing a Red Sox fan.

Islanders dump Barclays Center 'subway' goal horn for old 'Coliseum' honk

Every NHL fan knows the New York Islanders have moved from their original home on Long Island to Brooklyn to play at the Barclays Center. In addition to the change of venue, it seems the team is doing everything they can to Brooklynize the franchise by adding added new alternate uniforms which use the same color scheme (black, yawn) as the Nets and they also decided to change their goal horn as well.

While nothing was wrong with their old goal horn, which can be heard below, the team and the Barclays Center decided they wanted a goal celebration to better exemplify Brooklyn — a subway train honk.

While this is only a slight change, it is one that definitely has not been getting rave reviews on social media — especially from already feeling slighted Long Islanders.

But after some thought, the Barclays decide to derail the idea — albeit reluctantly.

Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark announced on ESPN New York radio's "The Michael Kay Show" that the traditional horn would remain for the team's first season in Brooklyn.

"I read between the lines," Yormark said, speaking of the mostly harsh, negative reaction to the new horn on social media. "We want the fans to have a great experience at Barclays Center. So after meeting with my team today and understanding the pros and cons of going with something that's a little bit more Brooklyn versus something that's been around for a while, we decided that for opening night we will go back to the goal horn that has been around for years.

"I'm not acquiescing to the Islanders fans, what I am doing is doing the right thing. And the right thing is welcoming the Islanders fans to Brooklyn, do it the right way, and we feel this is part of that process."

Kay asked Yormark to clarify whether he meant the old horn would be in place for opening night or for the entire season and Yormark said, "For the season, but at the same time I just want them to understand there has to be a balance of new and old in order to grow this fan base but also maintain the hardcore fan base that currently exists."

Yormark said that to date of the "total universe" of ticket buyers 33 percent are from Manhattan and Brooklyn and 30 percent from Nassau and Suffolk.

Let's see how long the arena keeps the traditional sounding horn before bowing to their new hipster fan base.