Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rangers' John Moore suspended 5 games for vicious hit (VIDEO)

The NHL suspended New York Rangers defenseman John Moore five games without pay for his nasty and illegal check Monday on Minnesota Wild forward Erik Haula.

Moore was assessed a match penalty for his cheap shot during the game, when he used his elbow to drill Haula in the head.

It is Moore's second illegal hit to an opponent's head in the span of 12 games, which makes this five-game ban seem a little lax — even if he is considered a repeat offender. Moore earned a two-game suspension during last season's playoffs for an illegal shot to the head. 

This time he will forfeit $51,859.75 in salary, which will go to the Players' Emergency Assistance Fund.

Sounds like Moore is still being a jerk even off the ice.

Jose Canseco tweets photo of hand with blown off finger (PHOTO)

Former baseball slugger Jose Canseco is known for shooting off his mouth. On Tuesday he accidentally shot himself through a finger on his left hand while cleaning a gun.

Never one to pass up a chance to promote himself, the bedridden Canseco tweeted a photo of the injured hand on Wednesday presumably using one of his good digits.

"Hope I can keep my finger but grateful it wasn't something worse," he tweeted.

The disgraced ballplayer added that his fiancee, Leila Knight, was taking good care of him, but he got no sleep.
Canseco returned to his Las Vegas home where the shooting took place. Police say he was wounded while he was cleaning his semiautomatic handgun and it accidentally fired.

While reattaching the finger is still questionable, he's lucky it wasn't more serious.

Well ... A-Rod is officially a Yankee again: Report

Yankees fans don't have a lot of reasons to be happy about the World Series officially putting a bow on the 2014 MLB season. Besides the realization that Derek Jeter will never play in pinstripes again, there's also that uneasy feeling of knowing Alex Rodriguez is officially back on the team once again.

Well ... at least A-Rod is celebrating.

When Pablo Sandoval caught the final out of Game 7 Wednesday night, he effectively activated Alex Rodriguez from his season-long suspension. More ironic now when you think that there is a distinct possibility that the soon-to-be free agent Sandoval could have the 39-year-old Rodriguez as his occasional backup at third base on the Yankees next year.

The second Panda caught the final out, Rodriguez completed his season-long doping ban — a punishment that outgoing Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig handed down on Aug. 5, 2013, nearly 15 months ago.

Although he served his ban for violating MLB’s collective bargaining agreement and joint drug agreement, A-Rod appealed the original 211-game ban which was reduced to 162 games by an independent arbitrator. So the embattled player may not be out of the woods concerning possible future legal woes.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi has said that the reinstated Rodriguez will be the starting third baseman if he proves healthy in spring training and demonstrates that he still has the skills to play. 

There has also been discussion speculating Rodriguez could possibly play first base.

A-Rod has two surgically repaired hips, turns 40 in July and hasn’t played organized baseball in a year. He’s owed $61 million by the Yankees for the three years left on his deal.

I don't hear any cheers in the Bronx.

Joseph Randle cracked jokes during police booking (VIDEO)

As if getting busted for stealing underwear and cologne wasn't funny enough, Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle tried turning his police booking into a Saturday Night Live monologue — and it didn't get a lot of laughs.

While being booked in the Frisco, Texas, city jail following his Oct. 13 arrest for shoplifting, footage obtained by CBS affiliate KTVT shows Randle cracking jokes to the unamused cops.

"If I give you $100, can you give me a massage?" Randle asked a female jail employee, who replied with a stern, "No."

Randle, who was wearing a Kramer-like white tank top and black pants, mocked his appearance for the booking mug shot.

"Take a good picture," Randle said. "I'm not about to look like I'm a criminal in this mug shot. How's my mug shot look?"

Randle also asked why height and weight weren't listed on mug shots.

"This is not a damn trading card," a male jail employee responds.

Randle — who was charged with a Class B misdemeanor after stealing underwear and a tester bottle of cologne from a Dillard's in Stonebriar Centre Mall — was also reprimanded for making an unauthorized phone call. He was heard telling the person on the line to leave the door unlocked for him.

"Do you want to get you another charge on you? Are you crazy?" a female jail employee asked, ending the phone call.

During an authorized phone call, Randle mentioned that he needed an attorney to get him bonded out so he could attend practice the next day.

Later on, Randle did express some concern about the potential consequences of his arrest.

"Hey, is this gonna be on the news, you think?" Randle asked.

Now that's gold.

Student who "never played basketball" wins $10K by making four shots in 30 seconds (VIDEO)

A college student who "never played basketball" made four consecutive baskets in 30 seconds during a school challenge to win $10,000.

Gustavo Angel Tamayo sank four shots from various spots on the court — including a half-court buzzer-beater to win the tuition money.

Tamayo, a senior at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee who grew up in London, England, later told NBC News that he had "never played basketball" before and also had a broken finger on his left hand to contend with.

Watch as Tamayo sinks the layup, free-throw, three-pointer and the half-court shot before fellow students mob him on the court:

Tamayo, who hopes to play professional soccer when he graduates, might want to give some B-ball a shot.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Soccer player wears weirdest warm-up onesie ever (PHOTO)

Soccer players are sometimes known for being thin-skinned, but a Scottish Premier League team really put one of their players to the test on Tuesday.

Partick Thistle defender Jake Carroll, on loan from Huddersfield Town, was made to train in a grotesque onesie, before the team's Scottish League cup clash with Celtic.

Carroll was being punished for being the "worst trainer" in the squad, but the 23-year-old looked like he didn't mind the unusual warm-up suit.

I don't know if they celebrate Halloween in Scotland, but it looks likes Carroll already has a frightening costume on hand.

West Point cheerleaders made out with each other for football recruits aboard party bus: Report

Lurid new details have emerged about questionable recruitment practices at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where prospective football recruits were taken by a VIP party bus to a bowling alley, offered drinks and watched as two cheerleaders made out with each other.

The school has acknowledged the claims, which were first outlined in a news article published by The Gazette of Colorado Springs Sunday.

Officials at West Point said the academy self-reported the recruitment violations to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, disciplined 20 cadets and reprimanded two officers, along with football coaches, for promoting underage drinking.

The wild, alcohol-soaked road trip took place back in January when 14 recruits boarded a party bus along with members of the football team and two cheerleaders, and headed down to the Palisades Mall in New York.

The bus — with a "club-like" atmosphere — made a pit stop at a bowling alley equipped with a bar, where the players and prospective recruits reportedly consumed large quantities of alcohol. 

At some point during the trip, two cheerleaders began making out with one another, and also kissed a football player and one of the recruits.

In addition to the boozy ride, the NCAA learned from the internal report that cheerleaders and female cadets had been set up as "dinner dates'"for prospects — a claim that has been disputed by Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen Jr.

West Point spokesman Theresa Brinkerhoff said the academy did not publicly detail the incident at the time because it was handled "administratively," the New York Daily News reported.

The players involved, among them Army starting quarterback Angel Santiago, are expected to play against the Air Force Academy at West Point's Michie Stadium on November 1.

The specific punishments for the officers, players and coaches have not been revealed, but no football players were kicked off the Army team, nor were any suspensions announced.

Brinkerhoff told the NCAA two members of the football staff had been removed from team activities for a week following the incident.