Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chad Johnson sues two websites for posting 'stolen' sex tape

Chad Johnson (the former Ochocinco) has gathered his legal team and is taking action against two websites for posting a sex tape he claims was stolen from his phone.

Johnson admitted he was involved in the sex tape, made three years ago with two women, but never publicly released the video.

The former NFL star  is suing WorldStar and Media Takeout for the now infamous video shot in a Florida hotel room, reports TMZ.  The lawsuit charges the sites with posting the tape without his consent.

Johnson's lawyers successfully got the two sites to pull the footage after firing off cease-and-desist letters last week.  He is seeking unspecified financial damages, reported TMZ.

Sources told the gossip site that while Johnson has never denied making the cheesy video, he claims the footage was swiped from his cell phone.

The video is the latest embarrassment for the 34-year-old former Miami Dolphins receiver.  His wife of 41 days, Evelyn Lozada, divorced him after he was arrested for allegedly headbutting her in a domestic dispute.  The Aug. 11 incident led to him being dropped by the Dolphins and he has been without an NFL job since.


  1. Media take out will post anything!

  2. just gotta luv the dueces,they spring anywhere, like weeds.

  3. What the heck was he doing carrying it around on his phone? He should've put the thing on a SD card and stashed it somewhere.